5 ST JAMES COURT is committed to equality of opportunity and non-discrimination, and endeavours to provide a welcoming environment in which all members, staff, clients and the public are treated with respect and dignity. Chambers is also committed to promoting access to the legal profession.



At 5 ST JAMES COURT, we aim to provide pupils with a solid foundation to legal practice. Pupillage may either be undertaken with the Head of Chambers, Ravindra Chetty SC or Avinash Sunassee, whose practice involves a significant proportion of transactional and advisory work. Whilst Pupils will be assigned to their respective Pupil Masters, they may also have the opportunity from time to time to shadow and assist junior members of Chambers in their court work. Pupils will thus benefit from exposure to a variety of work across the range of Chambers’ areas of practice.

We are looking for intelligent, determined and applied individuals who are interested in our areas of practice as ultimately we are looking for pupils who are potential candidates for tenancy (please see the Tenancy section). Pupils must also demonstrate the highest ethical and professional calibre. 

Once selected, pupils will be given an induction so they have a better understanding of the profession, the work of a barrister as well as Chambers' policies and proceduresPupils will also be required to sign the 5 ST JAMES COURT Rules for Pupillage, which set out the terms and conditions governing pupillage at Chambers.


5 ST JAMES COURT only offers pupillage for a minimum and uninterrupted period of 6 months. We will thus not consider applications for shorter periods. 

Applicants who satisfy the requirements of section 4(2) of the Law Practitioners Act 1984 and who wish to undertake their pupillage at 5 St James Court should send their application to Chambers either by post or by email, and addressed to the Pupil Master of their choice. 

Applicants should note that Ravindra Chetty SC is not presently accepting applications to act as Pupil Master. 

Applicants should clearly indicate their preferred start date for pupillage (bearing in mind that it may take about 2 to 3 months for the application to be processed) and are requested to submit certified copies of the following documents along with their application:

  • Birth Certificate
  • National Identity Card
  • School Certificate
  • Higher School Certificate
  • Degree Certificate
  • Bar Certificate
  • Letter of motivation as to why the applicant chose 5 St James Court
  • CV with full contact details of the applicant

Applicants should then seek authorisation from the Council for Vocational and Legal Education to commence pupillage. The letter of authorisation should be addressed to the Council for Vocational and Legal Education and should be signed by both the pupil and the pupil master. Council for Vocational and Legal Education will give a ‘no objection’ letter to the pupil. The pupil should provide a copy of the ‘no objection’ letter to the Chambers in order to begin pupillage.

Applications for pupillage typically take about 2 to 3 months to be processed and applicants may be required to attend an interview.  



5 ST JAMES COURT was established with the following as guiding principles in relation to tenancy:

  •     ability
  •     unfailing adherence to the highest ethical standards
  •     work ethic
  •     cohesion to the group as a whole

Applications should be addressed to Ravindra Chetty, SC, the Head of Chambers.


Chambers is always interested in speaking to, and establishing links, with other lawyers or law firms. Please contact Ravindra Chetty, SC should you or your firm wish to contact Chambers.


5 ST JAMES COURT does not run any mini-pupillage or internship schemes.

5 ST JAMES COURT may occassionally post vacancies for paralegal or administrative positions in this section.